The chief rituals of the Vivah (marriage):
1. Vagdan: This is the word given by both parents. This is as good as Sakharpuda.
2. Srimantpuja: Welcoming the groom and offering him dress and ornaments.
3. Tailharidraropanvidhi: Bride and groom to be given a bath with oil and Haladi.
4. Vivahapurvadinkritya: (Mandappratishta, Devaksthapana) - Devkarem
5. Varache Vadhugrahi Gaman: on the wedding day arrival of Groom at the Bride's house.
6. Madhupark Puja: At the time of Kanyadaan, brides parents should offer curd/milk with honey/jaggery.
7. Gaurihar Puja: Puja of Shiva Shankar & Parvati.
8. Antapatdharan: Curtain of loin cloth is held by priests between the bride and the groom facing each other holding garlands in their hands.
9. Mangalastake: These are the blessings from Gods and all the manifestations of nature saying Kuryat Sada Mangalm. It is customary that the bride wear the auspicious silver toe rings called vede that are put on her feet by her brother.
10. Paraspar Nirikshan Mantra: after chanting this mantra bride and groom should garland each other.
11. Kanyadanprayog: Swarnabhisek i.e. after putting a little gold coin in water and sprinkling it on the bride and groom, Sutraveshtan is winding of thread soaked in milk around the neck to the waist of the bride and the groom five times, by the priest signifying the marriage bond with love and fidelity, Kankanbandhan is tying of the piece of Haldi with Kumkum, Mangalsutrabandhan is tying of Mangalsutra of black beads with golden bead round the neck of the bride, vastragranthibandhan is the tying of knots to the ends of the Upavastra of the bride and the groom.
12. Panigrihan: This is standing of the groom in front of the bride facing the west and holding the right hand of the bride in his right hand and chanting the mantra with a promise of giving her all the prosperity and requesting her to remain with me forever in my oldage.
13. Vivah-Home: Lajahome is the home to be performed for the fruitfulness of marriage. The fire is sacred fire. After the seventh round and the Saptapadi is a procedure wherein the groom is holding bride's toe and pulling her one after another on the seven piles of rice taking a vow of fulfillment of marriage.
14. Vadhugruhapravesh or Gharbharoiuni: is the rituals performed after returning home with the bride. When the bride enters her husband's house as a married woman her mother-in-law places a bowl of rice at the entrance of the house called Humbro.The bride is then supposed to kick the rice with her right foot in the house.
15. Naming Ceremony: This is a ceremony when the groom names his wife with his ring on the plate spread with sugar.
16. Devakothapan & Mandapodwasan: This is the last religious ritual of visarjan (removal) of the established deity along with the mandap.
17. Panchpartavan: This is a social custom of inviting the groom and his family members to the house of brides' parents for lunch or dinner and offering them some gifts or the other.

Note: some of the rituals and customs vary from place to place as per geographical divisions

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