Marriage ceremonies in Goa are a lively combination of traditions and festivities. It is a culminations of all the months of preparations that goes in this one single day. Most Goan couples prefer to begin their holy knot auspiciously rather than just a civil ceremony, so that they are blessed abundantly in their journey in life. Be it a Hindu or a Catholic ceremony, the enthusiasm on this day is very high, as it is this single day that all the relatives and friends get to meet each other. At goanweddings, we have briefly described the ceremonies held by each religion to commemorate this great day.


The Catholic wedding ceremony is a lively blend of words, devotional hymns and exchanges that make it a very solemn occassion.On this day, the church is decked up with flowers to usher the couple into the arms of the Lord.



Though each community within Hindus follows slightly different traditions, there is no doubt that all of them look forward to this day of feasting and merrymaking. Soon after a match is made between a boy and a girl, the two families consult a pandit and decide an auspicious day and time (muhurt).



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