Marriages may be made in heaven, but most definitely have to be worked out on earth. So if you’ve decided to take the plunge into untested and until now unknown waters, Congratulations for your convictions! And way to go! Keep that ship sailing smoothly. Love can be the most beautiful feeling, if found with the right partner. All the more fulfilling, and quite naturally so, is when you decide to step ahead and follow the age-old tradition of cementing a bond that is built on trust and communication. And that’s where steps in. Here’s are some useful tips on how to plan for your marriage and make it a grande success.
We recommend that you print all the checklists and follow it religiously. If we have missed out anything please let us know. We’d add it for the benefit of the other couples who need it.

Getting married the hindu way, is a great occasion in the family. It is this day that everybody looks forward to meet friends and relatives.

Getting married the catholic way, requires a lot of planning, both for the nuptials and reception. Once you have found a suitable partner, the process of marriage actually begins.


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