With its vast experience of over 15 years, Narvekar Florists have provided top class flower decorations for all occasions, be it Weddings, Thread Ceremony, Engagement, House Warming or any other religious function.

We have a variety of designs to suit your needs, choice & budget. For weddings, we provide decorations for Mandaps ( where the marriage rites take place), entrance for Hall, Backdrops where the Bride & groom will be seating.

The flowers which they use are of different types like Roses, Carnations, Ester, etc which are bought from different places like Belgaum, which remains fresh for at least two to three days.

The decoration is also done by keeping in mind the choice of the customer. If any function has a particular code they do all the arrangements accordingly.

Narvekar florist have been doing different type of decorations for Wedding, Toran ( for entrance), Wedding Mandaps, Flower decorations for Car, Garlands for the bride & groom. They also undertake orders for the function which normally hindus have for the would be mothers.
Mr. Raju, who manages the whole show looks into the matter personally from deciding of which flowers to use and what decoration to do etc