Gone are the days when we would await Johnson's (Joazinho Carvalho) spiccato, to make a bee-line to beseech the comely damsels to grace the dance floor, when Johnson's mellifluous strains of his beloved violin wafted dreamily through the air.

With the advent of amplified music, the earlier cherished strings and wind instruments were left to collect cobwebs and dust, to pave way for the electric guitars, synthesizers, and electronically enhanced percussion instruments, to gormadize on the center stage. Lest we forget, the sequencing heralded the erroneous tidings over the true sense and values of artistry and music.

However the old styles and absolute music is re-emerging anew, with people being discontented with the cacophony of sound and ear-splitting experience, and that is precisely what the "Big Country Band" with Melcon on violin / lead guitar/Keyboards/Mandolin; Desmond on Bass; Joey on keyboards and Sergio on Drums; is set to flourish - a happy amalgamation of the old and the new.

The "Big Country Band" has already carved their singularity in the Goan musical environs after performing for various events and functions in and around Goa and abroad.

Their accomplished credentials enables them to bring forth a talented expertise that is both lush in harmony and multifaceted in instrumentalization. Their music, with the violin as the main bastion, encompasses the classic oldies from the golden '40's, to the vibrant contemporary trend, performed adroitly in its unique flair.

On quality music, the "Big Country Band's concept is: "if you are true to yourself and ambitious to be constructive in life, one should keep moving forward. On doing so, one encounters very knowledgeable people in different fields. The quality of music is a must. This comes only through constant practices, acquired styles and considerable proficiency.


Melcon Teixeira: 9822124860
E-mail: melcon@thebigcountryband.com, thebigcountryband@gmail.com